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A feature is described in a file and it contains one or more scenarios. The extension of the file doesn’t matter at all. On the other hand, we recommend you to use extension hcl so far.

Example download

description = <<EOF
    This feature is used to demonstrate that both add and subs operations 
    work as expected.

after each {
    print {
        msg = "the output of this operation is ${result}"

scenario "operation add" {
    given "the input of the operation" {
        set a {
            value = 10
        set b {
            value = 5
    when "values are added" {
        set result {
            value = a + b 
    then "the result of the operation is the expected" {
        assert {
            assertion = result==15

We can make use of the attribute description to describe what the feature does. In a feature we can find the below sections::