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Input Arguments

It’s used to run acceptance tests with data provided by the user. Arguments are defined inside a block input. Only one block input is permitted per file.

Example download

input {
  arg people {
    default = [
      { firstname = "John", lastname = "Doe"},
      { firstname = "Jane", lastname = "Doe"},
  arg company {
    default = "Wesovilabs"
scenario "print variables" {
  when "iterate over the people"{
      set person {
        value = people[_.index]
      print {
        msg = "${person.firstname} ${person.lastname} is hired at ${company}"
      while = _.index < len(people)
  then "verify the postconditions" {
    assert {
      assertion = eqIgnoreCase(company,"wesovilabs")

Providing variables is not required since both, arguments people and company have a default value

So far, arguments can be provided by passing a HCL file. This file contains one entry per argument.

Example: download

people = [
    { firstname = "Tim", lastname = "Doe" },
    { firstname = "Loe", lastname = "Roe" }
company = "wesoviLabs"

In upcoming releases, arguments could be passed by a flag or being taken by the environment.

Values for the input arguments are passed using argument --vars.

>> orion run --input feature.hcl --vars variables.hcl
# Tim Doe is hired at wesoviLabs
# Loe Roe is hired at wesoviLabs


It acts like a container that groups a set of blocks arg. As It was mentioned on the above, there will be one block input per file at maximum.


It is used to define an input argument. It’s declared as arg <name>, where name is the name of the argument.


input {
  arg person{}
  arg firstname{
    default = "Doe" 
  arg cars{
    description = "list of cars"

Two optional attributes can be provided in the block arg.

  • description: A string value that provides a brief description of the argument.
  • default: Value that will be used in case of the argument is not provided.
arg firstname {
    description = "firstname of the person to be searched for in the scenarios" 
    default = "John"