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orion is the command line interface for orion. Since the tool is still in progress new command will be available in short time. So far, we can use orion lint and orion lint.

orion help

Help about any command. Additionally, we can show the help of a specific command:

  • orion help lint
  • orion help run

orion lint

Verify the content of the input file is correctly written.

Available flags:

  • --input: Path of input file.

orion run

Execute the scenarios in the provided input file.

Available flags:

  • --input: path of the input file.
  • --vars: path of the variables file.
  • --tags: comma separated list of tag names. Scenarios containing any of the listed tags will be executed.
  • --verbose: log level. Supported values are: ‘DEBUG’,’INFO’,’WARN’,’ERROR’ (default “INFO”).