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Install the pre-compiled binary

manually: Download the pre-compiled binaries from the releases page and copy to the desired location

Latest version: beta-v2


Once you download the binary I recommend you to do the below:

mkdir ~/.orion
mv orion.darwin ~/.orion/orion   

Add an entry to your ~/.bash_profile

export PATH="~/.orion:$PATH"

To verify you installed orion correctly, you just need to execute

orion help

Running with Docker

You can also use it within a Docker container. To do that, you’ll need to execute something more-or-less like the following:

docker run --rm  \
  -v $(PWD):/vars/feaatures \
  wesovilabs/orion:beta-v2 run --input  /vars/feaatures/feature.hcl

Compiling from source

git clone
cd orion
make setup
make build