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Hello, I’m Orion

Orion is born to simplify the way we write our acceptance tests.

input {
  arg ghBase {
    default = ""
  arg expect {}
  arg orgId {}

before each {
  set mediaType {
    value = "application/vnd.github.v3+json"

scenario "username details" {
  when "call Github api" {
    http get {
      request {
        baseUrl = ghBase
        path = "/users/${username}"
        headers {
          Accept = mediaType
      response {
        user = json(_.http.body)
    print {
      msg = "user ${username} has ${user.followers} followers."
  then "the user details are the expected" {
    assert {
      assertion = user!=null && user.followers>expect.user.followers

About the project

Orion is born to change the way we implement our acceptance tests. It takes advantage of HCL from Hashicorp to provide a simple DSL to write the acceptance tests. The syntax is inspired in Gherkin.


  • Non-technical people can design but also implement the acceptance tests.
  • It’s implemented under a pluggable architecture. New actions can be implemented easily.
  • Reusable functionality can be shared between features.


Software is completely free, and It will be distributed as opensource soon.


Orion will be opensource soon. In the meanwhile any feedback, suggestion is welcome! Contact me