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Open source would die if there’re were no contributors…

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Sharing Beyond via Social networks

It’s really appreciated retrieving feedback from other people. And much more if they like what you do and they share it with other people so

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Write technical guides or tutorials, and let others know how to use Beyond. I will be so happy to link your posts from this site.

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Do you want to contribute with your code?

Great projects are built when great developers work together. That’s the reason I encourage you to take part of Beyond!

Have a look at open issues and contribute with your code:

Working with Beyond code

Checkout the code

Fork the Beyond repository and clone it locally

git clone<user>/beyond.git
cd beyond

Setup Git hooks

make init
  • commit-msg: It checks commit messages style.
  • pre-commit: It formats your code.
  • pre-push: It guarantees that your code pass tests and linter checks before being pushed.

Running the tests

Run tests to verify Beyond works

make test

Eventually you could check the test coverage with

make test-coverage

Check the source code and find potential optimizations

Beyond makes use of golangci-lint.

make lint

Build an executable

To build an executable for your current os, just run:

make run

Alternatively you could easily generate Beyond executables for linux, darwin and windows at time by running.

make build-all

Don’t hesitate to drop me an email at if you want to collaborate!